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OUR continuing professional education PROGRAMS

Acting Lab Studio offers various training modules intended for actors, directors, screenwriters, casting directors, and anyone with significant experience in the world of cinema and/or theatre who wishes to improve and acquire new skills, through learning the Chubbuck Technique.

These courses, which do not lead to a certificate, are supervised by coaches with solid professional and educational experience. They have been trained to teach the Chubbuck Technique by Ivana Chubbuck herself, and are certified by the Los Angeles Chubbuck Studio.


La certification qualité a été délivrée au titre des catégories d'actions suivantes : 

Actions de formation


Funding arrangements :

Trainings provided by Acting Lab Studio qualify for support by your OPCO (Afdas, FIF PL, etc.), Pôle Emploi, AGEFIPH (persons with disabilities), and Mission Locale (- 26 years old). The program advisor will assist you in preparing your application, which must be completed several weeks before the training starts.


Training rates :

The pricing policy has been designed so that everyone can acquire skills and knowledge.

It is common knowledge that an applicant does not have access to the same financial assistance if their training is supported (by an OPCO,  Pôle Emploi, or any other organization) or if they are an individual, a casual worker, or a volunteer in an association. Moreover, in the interests of the applicants, we remain attentive to their budget.

Rates when self-financing (from personal funds): 15€/hour

Rates when paid for by Pôle Emploi, OPCOs, and companies: from 20€/hour. For any request for a quotation, do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can review your needs and your situation together.

Flexibility of our terms :

Acting Lab Studio is committed to offering training courses tailored to the specific needs of each learner, according to their level of skills and experience. For this reason, an assessment is made during a meeting or a phone interview to define the specificities and objectives of each learner.

The assessment allows us to define the skills that need to be acquired to meet the objectives of the training. It reveals which topics require further study and which have already been acquired.

We make sure everyone enjoy learning in a friendly and kind atmosphere, while keeping a strong emphasis on the quality of attention and commitment of each individual.

Adaptive teaching methods:

  • Training content adapted to the learner’s level of knowledge when entering the training, and their progress during the training.

  • Consideration of the learner’s skills.

  • Support for self-assessment in the process of improving acting skills. 

  • Organization of work based on group dynamics.

  • Advice on career guidance.

  • Outsourcing of training if necessary to accommodate for people with disabilities.

Accommodation arrangements for persons with disabilities:

Our organization is committed to welcoming and accompanying people with disabilities in their training.

In this context we offer to:

- welcome and accompany you individually

- assess your specific needs in relation to a disability situation

- implement the necessary pedagogical, organizational, and material adjustments.

Your advisor within Acting Lab Studio :

Patricia Olive, +33 07 69 71 71 20.

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Indicateurs de résultats en formation 2022-2023 : 

  • Nombre de personnes formées sur la saison : 50

  • Taux d'acquisition des compétences : 74,5 %

  • Taux de satisfaction global (à chaud) : 90,7%

  • Taux d'assiduité (abandon, interruption en cours de formation/accompagnement) : néant


Déclaration d'activité de formation enregistrée sous le numéro 76310911631 auprès du Préfet de la Région Occitanie.

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