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"Cross the borders, don't create them."
Ivana Chubbuck



Acting Lab Studio is the only dramatic arts training centre where the teachings are primarily based on the Chubbuck Technique.


It was created in 2018, under the leadership of Eva Bossaer and Patrice Ortega, actors, directors and drama teachers. Trained in the Chubbuck Technique by Ivana Chubbuck herself, they are among the few teachers in the world certified by the Los Angeles Chubbuck Studio. 

Acting Lab Studio is committed to building a relationship of trust between learners, and between learners and coaches, while placing a strong emphasis on the quality of attention and commitment of each individual.

The training modules offered by Acting Lab Studio aim at enabling each learner to find his or her own individuality and authenticity. We therefore make sure we adapt their content to the specific needs of each individual and reassess them for each training session. 


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