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Management & career:casting tools

Intensive training of 112 hours - 3 weeks

Next sessions: 

From May 6 to 31 2024,

registration deadline:  04/08/2024

Professional experience and technical assistance: 

Agnes Alberny, casting director in Paris and the Occitanie region

Nicolas Eychenne, director and assistant casting director

Mélissa Botella, Occitanie Film, work on referencing actors

Elsa Rocquentin, ecological transition manager

Jérôme Léguiller, Agence Singulière, artistic agent

Lisa Guéreau, ASSOC, scriptwriter

Denis Grispan et Cécile Beni, Slot B, video montage

Héloïse Ménat, communication & marketing

Full face-to-face training

Limited to 9 learners

In this new casting era, professional relationships are increasingly going digital. To remain competitive and be able to respond to offers everywhere in France, even in Europe or internationally, actors must adapt to the evoluting industry, while keeping their authenticity and creativity.

This is why Acting Lab Studio offers a "Management & Career: Casting Tools" training course. The creation of a Self-Tape and a Reel will give actors the tools to stand out and catch the attention of casting directors. 

The Reel 

allows actors to showcase their personality, charisma and artistic sensitivity

in addition to their experience and skills.

The Self-Tape

is the essential tool in casting. 

Increasingly used, actors no longer have to 

physically go to an audition to prove their talent!

Objectives of the training :

- Know the expectations of a casting director and understand the working relationships he or she shares with a director.

- Understand the challenges of a reel and how to share it.

- Know how to identify and highlight the most relevant skills and experiences.

- Learn how to introduce yourself clearly, while emphasizing personality, uniqueness and artistic sensitivity through creative choices.

- Be able to film yourself with your personal devices (smartphone, camera, tablet, etc.) with good audio and video quality.

- Master introduction codes for self-tapes and offer a deep and authentic performance through the use of the Chubbuck Technique.


Coaches : 

Acting Lab Studio trainings are given by Eva Bossaer or Patrice Ortega. They were both trained by Ivana Chubbuck and certified by the Chubbuck Studio in Los Angeles.

Professional experience and technical assistance :

Agnès Alberny, casting director

Nicolas Eychenne, director and casting director assistant

Accommodation arrangements for persons with disabilities:

Our organization is committed to welcoming and accompanying people with disabilities in their training.

In this context we offer to:

- welcome and accompany you individually

- assess your specific needs in relation to a disability situation

- implement the necessary pedagogical, organizational, and material adjustments.

Your advisor within Acting Lab Studio :

Patricia Olive, +33 07 69 71 71 20.

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Ils en pensent...

"Merci pour la formation très enrichissante, Eva nous pousse avec bienveillance à découvrir nos points forts de A à Z et créer un CV vidéo digne d’un court métrage dont nous pouvons être fiers . Le tout avec des intervenants choisis sur le volet, une bonne ambiance et des outils efficaces pour s’insérer dans le milieu cinématographique." Charles GIMAT, mai 2022

"Très intéressant, et motivant ! Avoir un mode d’emploi structurant sur une stratégie de carrière. On se sent moins perdus, plus armé contre le monde. Et mener un projet du scénario au montage est très satisfaisant et utile ! Merci à tous les intervenant(es) et aux formateurs/trices !" Charlie TAGAND, mai 2023

Déclaration d'activité de formation enregistrée sous le numéro 76310911631 auprès du Préfet de la Région Occitanie.

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